• We use martial arts as a means for growth in all areas of our lives. We teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, and American Kenpo Karate.

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  • Parents are welcome to sit in and watch their kids train their entire body and mind, while learning functional self defense.

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  • Students can arrange for private instruction with Mark Reding who will design a plan that meets the individual student's goals.

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  • Call: (940) 891-6000. 407 Fort Worth Dr. Denton, TX 76201

    • Reding Martial Arts Philosophy

      We use martial arts as a means for growth in all areas of our lives. Our students bring unique skills and backgrounds to the mat every week. Together, we hone our skills and share our experience. We're passionate about focusing our diversity into achieving our common goal: to become better martial artists, and thereby better people.

      We believe that the practice of martial arts should always be functional. Our classes teach both the technical and street sides of combat, with an eye toward real-world self-defense. We train across the arts, utilizing stand-up, ground, armed, and hand-to-hand techniques. We explore personal strengths and weaknesses as we strive to prepare our students for whatever lies ahead.

      While physical talent and stamina help, we have found that desire and willpower are the real keys to success. We invite students of all ages and ability levels to join us for a class or private lesson.

    • Best of Denton 2017

      BEST MARTIAL ARTS STUDIO Reding Martial Arts 407 Fort Worth Drive 940-891-6000 www.redingmartialarts.com With more than 20 years in business, Reding Martial Arts has relied teaching quality martial arts in a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere to become one of the best martial arts facilities in Denton. Owner Mark Reding was born and raised in Denton so he's not only proud to be teaching

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    • ReachAdvantageMMA.com - Mark Reding, Grappling for Love of the Game

      Reding Martial Arts is a mainstay of the North Texas martial arts scene. As the school approaches its 20th year of operation, we sat down to speak with head coach Mark Reding. To Mark Reding, the upcoming 20th anniversary of his business is not a finish line. It is not a specific goal he set out to accomplish. Rather, the anniversary is a natural result of

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